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26th Dec 2021

Namamasko po!

How is your Christmas? Did you spend the holidays with your family and friends? Or did you spend the holidays by yourself? Do you have a Christmas tradition?

We’re crowdsourcing videos for a #FiliXP film and we need your help!

Share with us videos of your Christmas celebratio...

25th Dec 2021

The seventh and last of the #FiliXP collaboration series features international P-pop boyband sensation SB19 with Mich Brijuega and visual artist Kathleen Magpantay.

SB19 and choir singer Mich Brijuega bring a rendition of the hit song “MAPA” to an almost spiritual level. Written with the intent...

25th Dec 2021

What keeps you motivated? What keeps our fellow kababayans going amidst the difficulties of living outside the Philippines?

We asked Marvin Aguda, Dindo Malanyaon, and Fr. Dante Daylusan, Filipinos living in Italy, to tell us what inspires them to persevere, and continue doing their best in thei...

23rd Dec 2021

What are your Christmas traditions?

How is Paskong Pinoy celebrated in different parts of the world? What makes our Filipino festivities special?

We asked our kababayans Joy Garbin, and Janary Magsimayan on how they plan to spend the holidays now that they are currently in Hong Kong, far from...

22nd Dec 2021

The fifth collab of the #FiliXP series brings together alternative rock band Bebe’s Wish with striking poetry by Verlin Santos.

The song “Alon” by Bebe’s Wish (HK) is deeply emotional and reflects the hope to be reunited with family. It showcases their influence from classical symphony, reminisc...

22nd Dec 2021

What about being Filipino are you most proud of? For our kababayans currently residing in the US, what do you think are the first few things that come to mind when we talk about "Filipino Pride"?

We asked Jhett Tolentino, Jane Clement, and Lance Collins, to shed light on the matter and we couldn...

22nd Dec 2021

What do you miss most in the Philippines? Is it the place, the food, or the people?

Here's a short video of Jessa Arcenas, Jocelyn Lucas, and Leo Dimaano, answering that question as Filipinos currently residing in Japan. The complete interview will be included in the #FiliXP docu compilation of...

21st Dec 2021

In the fourth installment of the #FiliXP series, artistic collaborators from the United States and the Philippines come together to share the stories and culture for Filipinos who have grown abroad and are curious about their roots.

Pawikan (PH) featuring Angela Perez (US) in the song “Salinlahi...

21st Dec 2021

What Filipino trait are you most proud of? Is that something we can learn from school or is it something inately present in all of us Pinoys?

We asked the same question to David Delos Reyes, and Kimberly Clemencio, Filipinos currently pursuing their education in Australia; and Jun Relunia, who s...

21st Dec 2021

What is the Filipino Experience? How do we create it? What does it look like?

We've reached out to our kababayans Ar. Christian Romulo Vasquez, Engr. Elmer Casau, and Ar. Christine Espinosa-Erlanda to shed some light on the topic through the lens of Filipino architects and builders in the UAE.


20th Dec 2021

“Sa dulo man ng mundo, magsama-sama tayo!”

This is the third of the #FiliXP series, exploring the collaboration of Japan and Filipino talent and creativity. It’s collaborated by Pasada (PH) with Yuki Sonoda (JP), Pinoy photographer Ralph Lumbres (JP) and performer Ness Roque (JP).

In the song...

18th Dec 2021

Are you ready for the ultimate Filipino Experience?

“Fili XP” (Filipino Experience) is a collaboration between the Department of Foreign Affairs and Para Sa Sining that will be featuring narratives on notions of the Filipino identity, contemporary life of the overseas Filipino, and imagined fu...

18th Dec 2021

It’s here! The first of a series of #FiliXP artistic collaborations to celebrate and express identity, contemporary life of the overseas Filipino, and imagined futures motivated by individual and collective contributions of the global Filipino.

Watch and listen to the eloquent spoken word of +63...

13th Dec 2021

Are you ready for today’s #FiliCollab Artist Features? Today we have UK x PH collaborators Justine Afante (UK), and Musika Publiko (PH)!

Justine Afante is a 15 year old singer from Surrey, England. Chosen as The Voice Kids 2020 Winner, she’s thankful to have been given the opportunity to show...

11th Dec 2021

Remember the time when we asked all of you, our Filipino collaborators, to send over photos/videos of your favorite place in the city that you are in? Well, we made a slideshow out of your submissions and we are loving what we see right now

Did your entry make the cut? Do give us a shout in the...

30th Nov 2021

This upcoming holiday season, we are creating a project that will make us feel connected despite the distance.

“Fili XP” (Filipino Experience) is a collaboration between Para Sa Sining and the Department of Foreign Affairs that will be featuring narratives on notions of the Filipino identity,...

28th Nov 2021

Do you ever wonder how many Filipino words can be used to say “I Love You?”

The Philippines has a rich vocabulary with modified words from languages such as English and Spanish, not to mention the local slang words we’ve invented along the way. For today’s #FiliXP / #FiliLife challenge, we wou...

27th Nov 2021

Yesterday we asked about a place that you miss, today we’d like to know, who you miss. Do you have that special someone that you want to spend some time with? It could be a dear friend that lives a thousand miles away, or even a close relative that you haven’t seen in a while.Tag them when you p...

25th Nov 2021

It's more fun in the Philippines!

Our #FlashbackFriday topic is going to be "a place you miss in the Philippines". We know that there are a lot of destinations in the country that you might want to spend a weekend in and you technically got 7641 islands to choose from so if you can't decide on...

24th Nov 2021

Here’s something to think about: if you are given the chance to spend an entire afternoon with someone, who would it be and why? It could be a close friend or family member, or even someone you haven’t met yet.

Post a photo or video of that person and make sure to use the hashtags #FiliXP and...

23rd Nov 2021

Filipinos are known to be one of the most artistic nations in the world.

Is there an artwork or a form of art practice that speaks to your Filipino roots? In what better way can we show our “Filipino Pride” but through the celebration of our colorful artistic heritage! Take a photo of a painti...

22nd Nov 2021

Remember the line, “Ask, and you shall receive”?

This Monday, we want to know what your Christmas wish for yourself is.

You can post a photo of something you’ve always wanted or take a video of yourself stating your wishlist! Be creative! Who knows, your secret Santa could be watching


21st Nov 2021

Home is where the heart is.

This Sunday, we’d like you to post a photo or video of something or someone that reminds you of home. It could be a place you feel connected to the most, a place you are happy to arrive back at, somewhere you have a lot of fond memories of, etc. We look forward to s...

20th Nov 2021

Miss kita kung Christmas!

As we count down the days before the holidays, let’s hype the festivities further by posting a picture or video of your family during the Christmas Season! Add hashtags #FiliXP and #FiliLife on your posts and tag the fam so they’d know you’re thinking about them too!

19th Nov 2021

This Friday, we are going on a trip... around the world!

For today’s challenge, we want you to post a photo or video of your favorite spot in the city you are in! It could be a Filipino restaurant, a usual tourist spot, or even just a park bench with an amazing view. Make sure you use #FiliXP...

18th Nov 2021

By now you might have heard of Marie Kondo and the #KonMari method of decluttering - letting go of things you don’t need and keeping only those that “spark joy”. If you are to keep only one thing in your life right now that sparks joy, what or who would it be and why?

Post a photo/video of you...

17th Nov 2021

Goodvibes muna tayo kabayan!

What’s your proudest moment? It can be landing that job you’ve always wanted, getting that diploma, opening a new business venture, or even reaching that ideal weight! You’d be surprised by the answers this simple question can bring up!

Post a photo or a video of...

16th Nov 2021

Every gising is a blessing!

This Tuesday, we’d like to know what your favorite part of the day is. You can be an early bird or a night owl and that’s totally fine! We all have something special that we look forward to everyday, and that’s what we plan to celebrate!

Make sure to add #FiliLife...

15th Nov 2021

40 days na lang Pasko na!

If you can describe your life right now by using only Christmas song titles, what will it be and why? Let us know in the comments below!

You can even add a video or a photo to spice things up!

Remember to use #FiliLife #FiliXP so we can find all your posts!

14th Nov 2021

Everyone has that one screen shot or recording in their phones that they can’t seem to let go off. It could be that online reunion with your childhood friends during the holidays, or that video of your grandchild taking their first few steps.

Post a picture or video of the most memorable video...

13th Nov 2021

It’s no secret that Filipinos love to eat and on weekends, home-cooked meals are the star of the day’s menu.

This Saturday, we would like to know what your favorite Filipino dish is!

Are you an Adobo-holic or a Sinigang fanatic? Take us on a culinary adventure by posting a photo/video of the...

12th Nov 2021

Do you know that an average person sees around 30,000 sunsets in their lifetime?

That makes every day worth celebrating don’t you think? What does your sunset look like? For today’s challenge, we invite you to share your sunset photos or videos, just make sure to add #FiliLife #FiliXP so we ca...

10th Nov 2021

In what better way can we celebrate Thursdays but by posting throwback.

For today’s challenge, we want you to go down memory lane and share old photos/videos of you and your family. (feel free to tag them too so they can join in the fun). Don’t forget to add #FiliLife #FiliXP on your posts!


9th Nov 2021

To officially kick off our #FiliLife project, here’s our first photo/video challenge!

“What do you see outside of your window right now?”

For FB: Post your photo/video on the comments below, we’ll wait!

For IG: Add the following hashtags #FiliXP #FiliLife when you post on your feed/ storie...

6th Nov 2021

The #FiliXP project is a video series to be published on December 18 to 25. The project highlights the Filipino experience and features the narratives on notions of Filipino identity, contemporary life of the overseas Filipino and imagined futures motivated by individual & collective aspirations...