Republic of the Philippines

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Marriage in the Philippines

A New Zealander wishing to marry a Filipino in the Philippines may wish to take note of the following:

  1. Certificate of No Impediment

New Zealand citizens who wish to marry Filipino citizens in the Philippines are required to show proof they are legally able to marry.

A Certificate of No Impediment could be secured from the Births, Deaths and Marriages office (freephone: 0800-225252; website: Fees and procedures for the issuance of such certificate should be verified directly with the said Office.

The Certificate thus issued should then be presented to the New Zealand Embassy in Manila, which shall issue a Consular Certificate certifying to the applicant's legal capacity to marry. This consular certificate is a requirement for the issuance of a marriage license in the Philippines.

  1. Marriage License

The local civil registrar of the city or municipality where the Filipino partner habitually resides shall issue a marriage license ten (10) days from the date of application from both parties for such a license.

Each of the contracting party shall file, separately, a sworn application for such license with the proper local civil registrar.

The original birth certificates or duly certified copies thereof shall be presented to the local civil registrar upon application.

The New Zealand Birth, Death and Marriages office can also provide you information on the procedures for the recognition of the overseas marriage in New Zealand.

Enquiries regarding the entry into New Zealand of Philippine nationals either as visitors or spouses should be directed to immigration authorities in New Zealand or the New Zealand Embassy in Manila.

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