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The First financial literacy programme draws big number of Filipinos in Auckland, New Zealand

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Ambassador Virginia H. Benavidez thanked the organizers for this first ever financial literacy programme for the Filipinos in New Zealand. For the Philippine Embassy, the BE F.I.T. – Financially Intelligent and Trained for the Future Seminar and similar programmes which have been running for quite some time in other countries with overseas Filipinos is highly useful as it continues to teach, train, educate and encourage, advice and assist Filipinos abroad and their families back in the Philippines on the crucial importance of savings, investment and entrepreneurs, opportunities and options on where to put their hard earned money. This milestone endeavour in New Zealand complements the Philippine Government’s reintegration programme and key initiatives being undertaken in partnership with the private sector, businesses, non-government organizations, international organizations, regional and local institutions and other stakeholders to teach financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, channelling of remittances for development and identification of investment opportunities where remittances can be placed. “Your presence this afternoon and the participation of speakers and experts on vital money and personal finances management advice on how to provide for the future, allow for savings and consider possibilities for investments in the Philippines as well as partnership with organizations focused on collaborative efforts to promote the well-being of Filipinos overseas speak volumes of the priority and importance accorded to upgrading the skills, knowledge and attitudes and honing the capabilities of Filipinos especially on financial management, particularly the value of saving and investing for the future and identifying and addressing the financial issues and problems that overseas Filipinos and their families encounter,” Ambassador Benavidez stated.

The highly informative and interactive program started with the Welcome Remarks from Mr. Al Frederick Go followed by the speech of Ambassador Benavidez, presentations on “Pag-iimpok para sa Kaunlaran” by Mr. Calderon, “Pera Ko, Puhunan Ko” which focused on the topics “Your Money in the Bank” by Mr. Cadiz, “Savings Program for OFWs” by Mr. Calderon, “Are You Sure” by Mr. Chan, “Stock Market As An Option” by Mr. Velarde and “It’s Fun To Retire In The Philippines” by Mr. Choa. The sessions and open forum were facilitated by Ms. Castillejo.

Ambassador Benavidez congratulated and conveyed appreciation to I-Remit, KAMPI and Kabalikat ng OFWs, speakers and participants of this very first and historic BE F.I.T. – Financially Intelligent and Trained for the Future Seminar which will undoubtedly go a long way in creating greater awareness of and valuable learning experiences, insights, tips, information and advice on how Filipinos in New Zealand will be able to ensure a brighter and better future and fulfil their dreams for their family and loved ones. This is just the beginning of more financial literacy campaigns which can be replicated and disseminated for the benefit of Filipino communities throughout the North and South Islands in New Zealand.

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