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PHL Ambassador lauds save the children for their life saving and life transforming work in the Philippines

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As the Philippine Embassy continues to engage closely with non-government organizations whose sense of volunteerism, sacrifice, service and generosity tangibly demonstrate human compassion in action especially among the vulnerable groups in the Philippines, Ambassador Virginia H. Benavidez lauded the Save the Children New Zealand and Save the Children International for the life-saving aid, life transforming assistance and long-term livelihood support that they continue to provide helping vulnerable children especially those still recovering from super typhoon Haiyan and other natural disasters that hit the Philippines in 2013 and late last year. The vision and mission of Save the Children wherever they may be – immediately and proactively responding to the needs of millions of children worldwide, saving them especially from the grim realities and devastating effects of calamities and disasters, safeguarding their rights, welfare and well-being, prioritizing and ensuring their safety and their environment and supporting the continued development and empowerment of children thriving in a “happy, safe and healthy and educated future” continue to make far reaching impact alongside the organization’s engagement with host governments, local and national non-government organizations, civil societies, aid agencies, the United Nations, international partners and global communities.

During the fellowship dinner hosted by Ambassador Benavidez at “Ang Bahay” (Philippine Ambassador’s residence) on 27 March 2015, she thanked Mr. Ned Olney, Country Director, Philippines, Save the Children International, Ms. Susie Staley, Board Chair, Ms. Vivien Bridgwater, past Chair, Mr. Dennis McKinley, Board Member, Ms. Ros Stace, President, Ms. Heather Hayden, Chief Executive, Ms. Miranda Cahn, Director, International Programmes, Ms. Anita de Ruijter, General Manager, Fundraising and Marketing, Ms. Stephanie Hopkins, General Manager, New Zealand Programmes, Mr. Peter MacAuley, Manager, Planning and Compliance, Save the Children New Zealand, Mr. Craig Hawke, Acting Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Jonathan Kings, Acting Deputy Director from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade “for coming together to help make a distinctive and practical difference in the lives of those we hold closest, nearest and dearest to us – the children.” Also present during this special occasion were Ms. Jackie Olney, Mr. Tony White, Ms. Kaye McKinley, Mr. Graeme Waters, former Ambassador to the Philippines, Ms. Audrey Waters and Ms. Bianca Benavidez.

As one of the speakers invited to the International Programmes Overview at the 66th Annual General Assembly of the Save the Children New Zealand Council on 29 March 2015, Ambassador Benavidez highlighted Save the Children’s prompt delivery of humanitarian aid and assistance especially after typhoons Haiyan and Hagupit and other natural disasters, helping the vulnerable children and contributing to poverty alleviation measures to enable children to reach their full potential. She cited Save the Children’s long term collaborative and innovative projects programs leveraging on its competencies and resources such as complementing food gaps and restoring livelihoods, sheltering families, providing water, sanitation and hygiene, protecting children from harm, getting children back to school and improving access to health and nutrition services are in synergy with the Philippines’ Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan to address the complex and daunting task of reconstruction and rebuilding of lives and livelihood. Collaborative efforts in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and in advocating the passage of a landmark legislation requiring a comprehensive emergency programme to mitigate the impact of future emergencies on Filipino children are in the forefront of Save the Children’s steadfast cooperation and sustained partnership. “There is the staunch determination to deepen our relationships towards uplifting all our children and creating real and lasting change for them,” Ambassador Benavidez stated.

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