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Guidelines on fingerprinting service of the New Zealand (NZ) Police and NZ Post for those needing this in relation to the NBI Form No. 5

/ advisory

Fingerprinting services for NBI Form No. 5 are available at the Embassy in Wellington or the Consulates in Auckland and Christchurch. For individuals who have difficulty travelling to these main centres, NBI has been accepting those processed at the nearest NZ Police Station or NZ Post Office, provided the fingerprint impressions are done properly.

However, recently, feedback was received from a client that NZ Police Stations have stopped providing this service and that setting an appointment and paying a fee are required to be able to avail oneself of said service from NZ Post. The Embassy thus, sought clarification from NZ Police and NZ Post and was provided the following information:

  • Fingerprinting services will not be available at Police Stations in the regions where NZ Post is providing the service. Outside of these areas, fingerprinting services will still be available from major Police stations. If you are unsure where you should go, call your local Police station. To find the one nearest to you, kindly follow this link:
  • Meanwhile, NZ Post provided the following link to book an appointment at NZ Fingerprinting Service: A minimum fee of $50 will be charged.
  • NZ Fingerprinting Service offers fingerprinting services at the following shops around NZ:
    • Kamo PostShop (Kamo, Whangarei)
    • Sunnynook PostShop (North Shore, Auckland)
    • Dominion Road Central PostShop (Auckland)
    • Frankton PostShop (Hamilton)
    • Tauranga PostShop (Bay of Plenty)
    • Havelock North PostShop (Hawkes Bay)
    • Inner City PostShop (Palmerston North)
    • Tawa Take Note (Wellington)
    • Avonhead PostShop (Christchurch)
    • Green Island PostShop (Dunedin)

The Embassy welcomes useful and timely feedback from the public in the interest of being able to provide responsive and efficient assistance to clients. Please feel free to get in touch with us via the contact information provided at the bottom of this page.

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