Holders of the green Machine-Readable Ready Passports (MRRP) or maroon Machine Readable Passports (MRP) that are about to expire are advised to apply in person for the renewal of their passports at the Philippine Embassy in Wellington that will be issuing the electronic passport (e-passport) from 5 January 2011.  Following are the requirements for the e-passport:

  1. appointment for personal appearance. Please call tel. no. (04) 4729848 ext.1 to schedule an appointment before coming to the Embassy for personal appearance.
  2. duly accomplished Passport Application Form;
  3. photocopy of the data page and visa page of your passport (both copied on one page of A4 bond paper).
  4. cash, bank check or money order of NZ$84.00 payable to the Philippine Embassy, Wellington for the processing fee;
  5. prepaid courier bag with signature required if you want your e-passport to be sent to you by mail.
  6. applicants must wear clothes with collar when they come to the Embassy for data capturing.
  7. for minors,  they must submit photocopies of both parents' passports. For those below 8 years old, both parents must sign the application form.

    Processing time is eight (8) to ten(10) weeks.


Holders of the green Machine-Readable Ready Passports (MRRP) or maroon Machine Readable Passports (MRP) whose passports are about to expire and are applying for extension of their work permits may apply for amendment of their passports in person at this Embassy or by courier post.  The said passports will be extended for a maximum of one (1) year, the validity of which commences on the date the application for amendment was filed. The applicants are advised to apply for an e-Passport in Manila before returning to their country of work or residence (New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa or Cook Islands). Processing time for passport extension with this Embassy is one (1) week. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Duly accomplished Application Form for Passport Extension (click here to download) with two (2) passport sized photos with white background;
  2. Philippine passport and one photocopy of the passport’s first and last pages;
  3. Bank check or money order of NZ$28.00 payable to the Philippine Embassy;
  4. Prepaid courier bag with signature required.
  5. Certificate of employment or  letter from employer for those applying for extension of work permits or notice from the Immigration about the need to renew the visa.

Those whose passports have already expired and/or are travelling for emergency purposes will be issued green passports with a limited validity of one year for a fee of NZ$70.00.

In case of a mutilated or lost green Machine-Readable Ready Passport or maroon
Machine Readable Passport, the Embassy shall issue a travel document upon submission of the following requirements:

  1. Personal Appearance of Applicant;
  2. Duly accomplished Passport Application Form (click here to download);
  3. Three (3) passport photos with white or royal blue background;
  4. Photocopy of the first and last page of the mutilated / lost passport, if available;
  5. Original Birth Certificate from the National Statistics Office and Marriage Contract for married women;
  6. Police Report and Affidavit of Loss (click here to download) duly notarized and signed before a consular officer/notary public or a solicitor stating the circumstances under which the loss of passport occurred. Indicate the passport number, date and place of issue.
  7. Other supporting documents which will establish applicant’s identity as Filipino citizen, i.e. marriage certificate, school records, voter’s affidavit and baptismal certificate showing date and place of birth.
  8. NZ$42.00 processing fee in bank cheque , money order or cash.

Travel documents are valid only for one (1) month from date of issuance. A travel document may be claimed on the same day of application.

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